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Author of the week- Sloan Johnson - Interview

Sloan thank you for taking time out to talk to us. We are so excited to finally talk to you.
For those who don't know much about you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
The first thing you should know is this is my least favorite question in any interview! I can create whole worlds, character lives, etc, but it's hard to talk about myself.

That being said, I'm a midwestern mom. I started writing (for pay) as a way to avoid having to go back to work. From there, I had an amazing time blogging and my friends told me I needed to write a book. I finally gave in and here we are.
What made you choice to write in this style?
Honestly? The story dictates the style to me. When I start writing, I type and see how the characters are talking to me. That's what I go with.
If you had 24 hour with Dylan what would you want to do?
Geeze, that's a hard one! Of course, I would love to have some time for him to teach me more about Shibari. It's an amazing art form, even more than *just* being a bondage method. Beyond that, I'd honestly love to have some time to just hang out with all of the gang. Does it make me sound crazy to say there are days when I feel like they're some of my closest friends?
No it doesn’t you have one special friend in Dylan. If you had 24 hour with Tash, what do you think you two would get up to?
I'm at a bit of an advantage here because I know a bit more about her now ;) A lot of people have said she's weak, but she's anything but. If she was whiny and weak, I couldn't spend 20 minutes with her, much less a full day.

I think we'd probably head out and do some shopping, maybe catch some live music. The other fun option would be a girls' weekend to a workshop of some sort. FYI, I'm not talking about a scrapbooking workshop ;)
Oh that sound's interesting. Is there a real Dylan? Can we have him number PLEASEEEEEEE
There are many real life Dylan's, although I must admit, most of them aren't anywhere near as sexy. Dylan is a combination of people I met during the research phase for the book. It was fascinating to me to see how different the BDSM lifestyle is from what we've seen recently. Once I saw that, bringing the care and protection side to life was my main goal.

Did you enjoy doing your research? What type of research did you do?
It was amazing! Granted, because I'm a married woman whose husband isn't real keen on his wife getting all freaky with other people, I wasn't able to experience that side of the lifestyle firsthand, but as I said, there's so much more to a D/s relationship.

I spent most of the time finding reputable sites and sources, but then also spent a great deal of time getting to know people who belong to the real life version of the Isthmus Alliance. No, that's not the name of their group, but the concept is beyond amazing to me and I couldn't NOT put it in the book. They're some of the kindest, most helpful people I've ever met, including a Domme with over 20 years in the lifestyle.
How many books are in the Isthmus Alliance series?
As of right now, I have six planned. Of course, given the nature of the group, there's no telling what will happen. People come, people go, and there will always be stories that need to be told. When I started planning this out, Unexpected Angel was going to be a standalone. From the moment I met Zeke, I knew he was going to have his own book. Then, the end of the book happened and I knew Tommy HAD to be the next book. Since then, other stories have started evolving in my mind.
When is the next book in the series expected to be out?
Tentatively, the beginning of October. I haven't officially announced a date yet because I want to be closer to having a finished product so I'm not forced to push back the date.
Is there a hide message in the Unexpected angel series?
I don't know that there are necessarily any hidden messages, other than possibly to be open to the thought that things aren't always what they seem. Many people have the notion that BDSM is kinky fuckery and nothing else. To me, that's like saying that a vanilla relationship is nothing other than "normal" sex. Relationships of any kind are complex.
Do you have any plans for other series?
At some point, more than likely. For the time being, I'm more than happy to continue focusing on the Isthmus Alliance.

Are the names of the characters in your unexpected angel special to you?
There's not really special meaning to the names. Honestly, I let the characters name themselves. When you start to know the characters, they help figure out the names that fit.
Can you tell us one of your favourite quotes from Unexpected Angel?
There are a lot of little lines that I love, but this is right up there...
“Honey, with your blue jeans, fuck-me red boots and a corset so white you'll be glowing all night, you look like a modern day Betsy fucking Ross. Let's just say there's little about your outfit that leads me to believe you've experienced what you're about to see. And the way you're lookin' around, you're not with anyone.”
If you had 24 hour’s with Zeke, what would you want to do?
Zeke and I would go out and get into all sorts of trouble! I could see hanging out at the lake, drinking a few beers and then seeing what mischief we can cause.

What if it was 24 hour’s with Tommy?
Tommy is a bit harder. I can't say what I would do with him because I don't want to give anything away from his book ;) Let's just say, the time I spend with all of the guys would be more intimate than sexual, hands down.
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
Of course I learned things! The main thing is that BDSM isn't all that popular fiction has made it out to be. It's something beautiful and loving. And occasionally really naughty and fun
What do you use to write your book?
I'm a Word girl. When I started, I tried to find tools to help me write. Then I realized that I could have every tool out there, but if I don't sit down and write, the words won't show up on the screen.
Do you listen to music while you writing or reading?
I ALWAYS listen to music when I write. I have a general "writing" playlist and then one for each book. At times, if I need to maintain a certain feeling while writing a scene, I will put one song on repeat. I can't listen to music when I'm reading.

 What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?
It's not possible to remain sane as a writer. If it's not the book driving me over the edge, it's the business side. I will, however, say that taking time to recharge has been vital.
 What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The hardest part of writing is always making sure the story is cohesive. As with anything, it's a process that grows over time
Describe in 5 words, your writing:
1.       Freeing
2. Flowing (I hope)
3. Realistic
4. Different
5. Evolving

Who designed the covers?
JB McGee from Indie Pixel designed the cover.
When can we expect to see book 2’s cover? Do we get to see some more of Alfie?
The cover for book 2 is not finalized yet. I am working to secure the rights to images that will accurately represent the book. There will be more of Alfie in the future, but that will be sometime next year.
****Fan question****
Your first book made a hit coz of the man on the cover do you think your next book will do any better.
I think the first book was the hit that it was because a lot of people are ready to see the other side of BDSM. Did having a hot man play into that? I'm not stupid enough to say no. There are many people out there who will buy a book solely based on the cover. On the other hand, that image wouldn't have appeared if it didn't depict Dylan so well. On the other hand, I stand by the words between the covers and based on the response, most readers do not feel cheated in any way.

I would certainly hope my next book does better. Every author should hope for that, both in terms of their writing and their sales. If my next book isn't better than the one before, I'm doing something wrong and not growing as a writer. If my next book doesn't sell as well, if not better, than this one, that means I'm not gaining new readers, which means something isn't working and needs to be changed.

Was it scary the first time you ever met Alfie?
Scary? No. By the time we met, we had talked several times online. It was no different than meeting women I've grown to be friends with. Of course, it might have helped that one of the authors I respect and admire walked up and bought my book right after Alfie walked in. THAT was what consumed my mind!
What are you currently reading?
I just finished reading Consequences and Truth by Aleatha Romig. I'm starting CJ Roberts. Yes, I think I'm trying to shock my system with these dark reads, but both series came highly recommended and they were two authors I met that I haven't read.
Have you ever read or seen yourself as a character in a book or a movie?
Seen myself in a book or movie? I think we all draw parallels when we're reading. For me, the most life-changing moment along those lines came when I read a line of a book that referred to the town where I grew up. It was TOTALLY a line that everyone from there says time and time again. I happened to be far from home and alone, and that moment brought me closer to the life I left behind.

If you could write with another author who would it be?
Honestly? I'm not sure I would want to write with another author. I think it would be very hard to mesh two unique writing styles into a story that truly works. That being said, I wouldn't be opposed to other ideas, such as writing crossovers with other authors.
 When your were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I spent most of my childhood as the kid with ADD who wanted to be something new every week. That continued, to an extent, into my thirties. Once I started writing (even when it was writing instruction articles) I knew I had found what I needed. No matter what I've done, there has always been art of some form in my life.
Do you have a nickname?
The only nickname I've ever had was "Margarita" but I'm not getting into those origins or that time in my life

 What are your pet peeves?
I'm at a point in my life where I try to not have pet peeves. Seriously, life's too short to let the BS get to me. I'm not perfect, but I'm working hard on not dwelling on those little things.
DO you ever write naked?
I try to avoid being naked whenever possible. Let's just say sitting at a desk, writing and everything else, isn't conducive to a naked-friendly body
If you were trapped on an island with a man, what 5 things would you take with you?
5 things? See, that's just not fair because it all depends on the man

A very Hot man
If I'm going to be trapped on an island with a VERY hot man, why do I need to bring anything ;)
1. Water (have to stay hydrated)
2. Food (need the energy)
3. A few scarves (the multi-purpose accessory)

Yeah, beyond that I can't think of anything I need

Quick Fire
Favourite Author?
Depends on my mood. Nicole Edwards is one of my "drop everything" authors and Aleatha Romig has recently made that list as well.

Favourite book?
Again, depends on the mood. A Theory of Relativity is a constant on that list because of the moment I mentioned above.

Favourite colour?

Favourite eye colour?
Blue naturally, green with contacts

Favourite hair colour?
Depends on how feisty I'm feeling. Most of the time, it's some shade of red.

Favourite song?
 Get Thru This by Art of Dying

Favourite place to write/ read?
At my desk 
Let’s have some fun.
Answer the first that comes to you. No cheating
Hot or cold.
In or out.
 Up or down.
Boxers or briefs.
Boxer briefs. The perfect combination of the two.
Night or day.
Toys or no toys.
toys, although not necessary
Chest hair or no chest hair.
 No chest hair
Lace or no lace
Why waste the money on lace ;) but it is pretty.
Thank you so much for taking part. We can't wait to read more work from you.
Unexpected Angel
Sexy, thrilling & heart stopping!
Wow! This is a really sassy and erotic read. There is a lot going on with this story but it's really easy to keep up because you want to know what happens next.
I absolutely love Tasha, she is really sassy and feisty, sweet and innocent but with her own sad story to tell. Her past has made her the way she is and she doesn't see how beautiful it has made her.
Dylan is gorgeous! He treats her like she is a precious gem that is breakable. He is into dominating a submissive but he is prepared to give it all up for Tasha she has come to mean that much to him
So not only is there some erotic bdsm going on, but there is a thriller in there too!
Definitely can't wait to read the next instalment, even though I know Dylan and Tasha won't be the main characters. It's time for some Holly love!!
I would definitely give this book 5 stars, absolutely loved it. Sloan Johnson rocked my world!


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